Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Real Good Friends

Jeremiah and Sarah fall into this category. We've shared some awesome times together and I had the privilege of introducing them about 5 years ago and watched them get married this past November. For years they have tolerated my camera being in their faces but, in turn I got some great images as did they for the slideshow at their wedding. Haha! They now reside among the buttes and rolling hills of South Dakota, far away from their original homes in Vermont.
Jeremiah tapping Maple trees in the spring of 2007.
Hartland, VT.

Sarah having a go on the rope swing below the Sharon trestle during one of our many group tubing trips down the White River. This was one of the most memorable for me, one reason being it is the only one I have ever brought my camera on. Being on a tube going down a river while trying to take pictures and not submerge your camera adds a certain amount of excitement and adventure. I'm glad I accomplished this without incident.
Sharon, VT

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