Thursday, May 20, 2010

McNamara Dairy

If you've never had chocolate milk from McNamara Dairy in Plainfield, N.H. then you are really missing out on something great. It comes in a glass bottle and is thick, rich, and delicious. The coolest part is that you can go to the farm and buy it directly from them. They use the honor system there and it is cheaper than buying it in the grocery store. I went for a visit last week with my friends Sarah and Ali. Ali was visiting from Georgia and had never been there. I just realized after all that talk about chocolate milk, you will see no milk of any kind in these photos. Errrr, I will post some pictures of said milk soon.

Sarah and Ali, trying to gather up the courage to grab a chicken. It almost happened.

A large group of chickens make a weird, slightly eerie sound together.

Ali apparently thought this kitten resembled Simba from The Lion King.

Ali tricking a poor calf into thinking her fingers contain milk.
Oh the joys of wandering on a farm!

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